Drag Stars At Sea: Cuban Adventure DRAG CRUISE!

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Celestyal Crystal Cruise Ship, Cuba

The 6th installment of Drag Stars At Sea North America aboard the unique Greek Cruise ship CELESTYAL CRYSTAL. The ship carries just 1000 guests and the INTIMACY allows us to get to ports not possible any other way. NO AMERICAN SHIPS (or any international ships that do not do a People 2 People program like ours) can go to Cuba. IT’S ILLEGAL BECAUSE OF THE EMBARGO. Best of all, Drag Stars At Sea North America “CUBA ADVENTURE” includes the largest AND ONLY gathering of Drag Stars in Cuba’s history, fantastic shows, incredible theme parties, unique and exclusive shore excursions, and many other special activities make this a vacation of a lifetime. There is NOTHING like this in North America and it promises to be a vacation of a lifetime!